Talent Management

  • An end-to-end talent management solution refers to a comprehensive approach that covers the entire spectrum of talent management, from talent acquisition to talent retention and development.
  • It encompasses all aspects of the employee lifecycle, including recruitment, onboarding, performance management, learning and development, career development, and succession planning.
  • In addition to being cost competitive and having rich domain experience, an end-to-end talent management solution should also have the ability to quickly respond to customer needs.
  • It should have a team of best-in-class recruiters who understand the customer’s needs and are skilled at sourcing and screening candidates.
  • The solution should provide end-to-end support throughout the recruitment process, from candidate searching and screening to selection and onboarding.
  • Once employees are onboarded, the solution should offer performance management tools, learning and development opportunities, and career development planning to help them grow within the organization.
  • We are a unique talent management organization helping global Hi-Tech Companies in scaling up capacity and capabilities for their ongoing innovations.
  • We also help personally and professionally build, nurture and enhance the careers of talent available by providing the right opportunities. Our focused domains are Embedded systems for ACES and IOT.
Roles we provide
  • Engineer.
  • Senior Engineer
  • Architect
  • Technical Leads
  • Solution Architect
  • Technical Manager
  • Test Engineer
  • Test Leads
  • Integration Engineer.
  • Configuration Manager.
  • Practice Leader.
  • Integration Management.
Competencies we provide
  • Autosar
  • Auto-Android
  • Auto-Embedded
  • Infotainment
  • RTL Designer
  • Verification Engineer
  • DFT Engineer
  • Physical Design Engineer.
  • Layout Engineer

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